In today's world of automated answering machines and confusing procedures, the federal government can often seem like a frustrating maze. One of my most important duties is to cut through the red tape and ensure that the federal government is working for you. My Constituent Services Team is here to assist you with problems related to a federal government service. In addition, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Congressional casework process and how my office can be of assistance to you.

To request assistance, please print and complete this privacy release form. Constituents requesting assistance with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and TRICARE must fill out another form in addition to the privacy release form. Please click HERE for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services authorization form and HERE for the TRICARE HIPAA authorization form. Federal law requires that we obtain your written permission before we can contact any federal agency on your behalf. Please explain in detail the problem you are having and provide copies of any related documentation.

Please mail or fax your information to the Warren County Regional Office at:
996 Wilkinson Trace, Suite B2
Bowling Green, KY 42103
Fax: (270) 842-9081

All requests for assistance will remain confidential.

Download the privacy release form here.

Please Note: As your Congressman, I do not have the authority to intervene in matters involving a state agency. Some of these matters include but are not limited to: food stamps, Medicaid, child support payments, and insurance regulation. These matters fall under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Therefore, your state officials will have to provide you with assistance for these matters. If you need the information to identify and contact your state officials, my office would be happy to provide you with that information.

As your Congressman, I do not have jurisdiction in matters pertaining to civil or criminal cases. This can include but is not limited to: family court matters such as child custody, child support, and divorce issues. Also, I cannot give legal advice or intervene in legal disputes, whether they be in civil or criminal court. If you find yourself needing legal assistance, you should contact the Kentucky Bar Association at (502) 564-3795.