Frequently Asked Questions

What is Congressional casework?
Casework refers to the process through which Congressional staff acts as facilitators and/or mediators between constituents and federal agencies. Anyone who has ever had dealings with a federal agency knows it can be a complex process due to policies and regulations. Our Constituent Services Team is here to assist you in communicating your concerns.

How does your office manage Congressional casework?
My office acts as a mediator between you and a federal agency (or agencies).  Under the guidelines of House Ethics and House Administration, my office is allowed to:

  • request information or a status report from a federal agency’s liaison office;
  • urge prompt consideration;
  • arrange for interviews or appointments;
  • request reconsideration of an administrative response which is believed to not be supported by applicable laws, rules and regulations

Please note, my office cannot guarantee a successful outcome of a case. But, they can help ensure that full and fair consideration, consistent with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, is applied.

How many cases does your office handle?
Last year alone, my Constituent Services Team completed 2,475 federal casework inquiries. So far this year, they have already worked on roughly 450 cases for veteran and military personnel alone.

What types of inquiries do you receive?
Some of the most frequent inquiries pertain to:  the VA, Military, Social Security, Medicare, IRS, and U.S. Passport issues.

If I need assistance with a federal agency, how can I contact your office?
If you are a resident of Kentucky’s Second District, you can call my Constituent Services Team at (270) 842-9896 between the hours of 8:00am CST and 4:30pm CST. You can also email them at with a description of your situation. Upon receipt of your request, you will be asked to complete a Congressional Privacy Act Release Form.  All completed and signed Congressional Privacy Act Release Forms should be returned to my District Office. You can return via U.S. Mail, e-mail or fax.

Office of Congressman Brett Guthrie
996 Wilkinson Trace, Suite B2
Bowling Green, KY 42103

FAX: (270) 842-9081

NOTE: If you plan to email your completed privacy form back to my office, it requires a physical signature.  We are NOT able to accept digital signatures, therefore forms must be signed, scanned and emailed to my office.

Please be aware that my office can only file official inquiries on behalf of individuals currently residing in Kentucky’s Second District. If you do not currently reside in Kentucky’s Second Congressional District, my staff will refer you to your representative.

What is a Congressional Privacy Act Release Form?
A completed privacy release form is required before a federal agency can be contacted on your behalf. This written consent is required through the Privacy Release Act of 1974. This form, which you must complete personally, permits federal agencies to release pertinent data about your case to my office.  It should include a brief and concise statement regarding your concern/request.

Please note, some agencies such as TRICARE and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services require additional authorization forms to be signed. Please click HERE for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services authorization form and HERE for the TRICARE HIPAA authorization form.

Will my inquiry be made public?
No, all requests for assistance are confidential.

What happens after I submit my completed Congressional Privacy Act Release Form to your office?
Once my Constituent Services Team receives your completed form, they will acknowledge receipt and begin working on your behalf to place an inquiry to all relevant federal agencies.  Updates will be provided to you as they become available to us.  If your case does not fall under the jurisdiction of a federal agency, my staff will assist you with referrals to state or local agencies for assistance with your concern.

Can you assist with state agencies?
No, since I serve at the federal level, my office can only intervene in federal casework matters. My office will be glad to identify and provide you with contact information for your state officials.

State agency issues may include but are not limited to: food stamps, Medicaid, child support payments, and insurance regulation.

Can you assist with legal matters?
No, Congressional ethics rules prohibit me or my staff from intervening in matters involving civil or criminal cases.

Legal issues can include but are not limited to: family court matters such as child custody, child support, and divorce issues. I am also unable to give legal advice or intervene in legal disputes, whether they are in civil or criminal court. If you find yourself needing legal assistance, you should contact the Kentucky Bar Association at (502) 564-3795.

Also, please note my office cannot conduct formal investigations;  if you believe your concern involves a formal investigation, my Constituent Services Team can refer you to the Office of Inspector General for the appropriate federal agency.