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Guthrie Statement on House Passage of Democrats’ Socialist Reconciliation Package

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02) released the following statement after Democrats’ socialist reconciliation package passed in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Democrats are trying to fit their entire legislative agenda in this socialist tax and spending spree package. Despite the high price tag of this enormous package with the left’s wish list items, this partisan package does not effectively address the many crises our country is facing. For example, we had over 164,000 illegal immigrants apprehended at the border in October, which is more than the population of the three biggest cities in Kentucky’s Second District combined. Yet, this bill does not address the crisis at the Southern Border. However, this bill does include funding to hire more IRS agents than we could fit in the Kentucky Speedway grandstands to go after Americans.

“As Americans are paying more to fill up their gas tank and heat their homes, this bill makes us more dependent on OPEC+ countries for our energy needs and implements a new tax on natural gas that will be passed on to consumers. On top of that, tax hikes will be put on small businesses while tax breaks will be given to the wealthy, who want to buy an electric vehicle.

“This reckless tax and spending spree bill adds a new, expensive, and duplicative benefit to Medicare, which is expected to go insolvent in a few years, and additionally cuts Medicare at the same time to shore up Obamacare and other spending. Wealthier Americans will also be handed Obamacare subsides under this bill. In addition, this bill would diminish medical innovation and the development of cures.

“This bill is not paid for and will further fuel inflation, which is essentially a tax on all Americans. Democrats’ actions today are yet another reason why the American people are frustrated with Congress under Democrats’ leadership,” said Guthrie.