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Guthrie Votes Against Democrats’ Bill to Allow Abortions on Demand Until Birth

Washington, September 24, 2021 | S.K. Bowen (202-225-3501)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02) today voted and spoke on the House floor against H.R. 3755, the Democrats’ bill that would allow an abortion on demand until birth.

Click HERE to watch Rep. Guthrie’s floor remarks


I rise in opposition to the Democrats’ Abortion on Demand Until Birth bill.

The other night we were having a hearing in Energy and Commerce... A lot of the rhetoric coming from the other side…that the baby is nothing more than a uterus or an ovary. It’s just kind all of the same thing. It reminded me back…when we had our first child, our now 28-year-old daughter [and mother] of our grandchild. When she was 12 weeks, we had to have a sonogram… she was sucking her thumb… a distinct individual. Now I will cede that it 100% depends on its mother for life, but it is distinct and separate from its mother. Her heart was beating...

Let me just talk about how extreme this bill is. It allows an abortion at any time if the unborn child was diagnosed with anything, such as Down Syndrome. It allows an abortion at any time solely on the baby’s biological sex. It allows an abortion to occur at any point, including when a baby can feel pain as well as when the heartbeat can be detected.

This is an extreme bill before us today. Before we vote on this, I would like to let my colleagues know that the majority of Americans do not support abortions with no limits. In fact, 80% of Americans say abortions should be illegal in the third trimester…This prevents states from making abortions illegal in the third trimester. I strongly urge my colleagues to oppose this bill. It is a separate and distinct life.

I yield back.