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Guthrie Reintroduces ‘TRUSTED Broadband Networks Act’

Washington, February 16, 2021 | S.K. Bowen (202-225-3501)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02), member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Communications and Technology Subcommittee, reintroduced the Timely Replacement Under Secure and Trusted for Early and Dependable (TRUSTED) Broadband Networks Act.

The TRUSTED Broadband Networks Act advances the goal of Guthrie’s Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act, which was signed into law last Congress. Recognizing the security risk that untrusted telecommunications equipment poses, Guthrie championed the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act to help small and rural telecommunications providers remove equipment from our networks that was sourced from Huawei and other bad actors and ensure that what replaces the old equipment is safe and trusted. The TRUSTED Broadband Networks Act helps secure telecommunications networks more quickly by streamlining the permitting process to take out suspect equipment and install trusted equipment.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans rely on broadband to virtually work, learn, and see their doctor,” said Guthrie. “With so much of our lives now taking place online, we need to make sure that our telecommunications networks are safe and secure. Telecommunications equipment from bad actors, such as Chinese-government-subsidized Huawei, needs to be ripped from our networks and replaced. My bill to help rural and small providers remove suspect equipment and obtain safe equipment was signed into law last Congress. To further help rural and small providers, I introduced the TRUSTED Broadband Networks Act to streamline the permitting process to strengthen networks with safe equipment. This bill would help providers save money and get rid of potentially dangerous equipment more quickly to ultimately ensure our telecommunications networks are reliable and secure from threats like China. I’m proud to join my Energy and Commerce Committee colleagues in advancing broadband in the Commonwealth and across the country.”

The TRUSTED Broadband Networks Act, reintroduced by Guthrie this week, is part of the Boosting Broadband Connectivity Agenda from Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans. Click HERE to learn more the broadband bills in this legislative package.