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ICYMI: Guthrie Challenges Surprise Medical Billing

Washington, June 14, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02) questioned stakeholders and patient advocates on the practice of surprise medical bills during a Health Subcommittee hearing on Wednesday.

Guthrie joined colleagues from both sides of the aisle in voicing dissatisfaction for the practice, which often blind-sides patients with exceedingly high medical bills from an emergency situation. Guthrie explained that Second District residents have experienced this practice; in one case, a father whose son required emergency treatment was shocked to find a bill for roughly $30,000.

“Families already have enough worries when they seek emergency medical treatment, said Guthrie. “An unexpected billing amount should not be one of them. I am glad that the Energy and Commerce Committee is working together in a bipartisan way to solve a real problem that many Kentuckians have faced.”

The hearing examined a bipartisan “discussion draft,” the No Surprises Act, which would prohibit surprise billing and limit patient cost-sharing to their insurance’s in-network amount for emergency services. Now that this hearing has been held, the No Surprises Act is expected to be officially introduced by a bipartisan coalition of representatives later this summer. 

Click here to watch footage from the full hearing.