Notes from Brett: Medicaid expansion a costly mistake

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Contrary to some people's thought, this expansion is not free money. In a few short years, the state's share will grow to 10 percent of the total cost for these newly eligible beneficiaries. Other provisions in the health care law will already c

Notes from Brett: We Have a Choice of Two Futures

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Our great nation is facing some tough challenges. My friend and colleague Congressman Paul Ryan (WI-01) often says we have a choice of two futures. I could not agree more. We can continue the disastrous policies the current Administration is pursuing, suc

Notes from Brett - Manufacturing in America

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In 1982, I was a senior in high school and can vividly remember coming home to see my dad and several of our family friends around our kitchen table. It was a memory that would stick with me for life, but for all the wrong reasons. They had all just been

Notes from Brett: Historic Solution to a Historic Problem

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Congress has an opportunity this week to make a historic decision that would permanently change the culture of spending in Washington. Our nearly $15 trillion of accumulated debt is a threat to our nation's economic recovery, our national security and

Notes from Brett: Veterans Day

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I watch the work of our service men and women with admiration, and I am continually grateful for their bravery. Our country is fortunate to have such exceptional individuals.