Health Care

I am proud to serve as the Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Health Subcommittee.

In this role, I work to address challenges in health care to help Americans live healthier and longer lives. As Chair of the Health Subcommittee, I advance policies that are designed to lower costs through increasing competition in health care and unleashing price transparency. I believe that Americans should be empowered and know the true costs of care before receiving care. I also work on incentivizing the development of new treatments and cures, especially for patients living with diseases that currently do not have a cure.

The fentanyl crisis continues to take the lives of family members, friends, and neighbors of Kentuckians too soon. I believe that both a law enforcement and substance use recovery strategy are needed to combat the fentanyl crisis. I advance legislation that supports access to resources to help Americans who want to overcome their substance use disorder. I also support a law enforcement strategy to get illicit fentanyl and other deadly drugs out of our communities. This includes preventing these drugs from coming into the U.S. from the Southern Border. 

Further, I prioritize strengthening the medical supply chain in the U.S. to reduce our reliance on other countries for medical supply needs. I also work to protect telehealth access and conduct oversight over federal health care agencies. Additionally, I work to advance legislation to bolster America’s health care workforce and promote greater access to care, especially in rural communities.

Last Congress, I was the co-leader of the House Republicans’ Healthy Future Task Force. As part of House Republicans’ Commitment to America legislative and oversight plan, task force members and I developed solutions to modernize and personalize health care and expand health care options to lower costs and improve health outcomes.