Guthrie Opioid Legislation Discussed at Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C.– The House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Health Subcommittee today concluded a two-day hearing on over two dozen pieces of legislation to combat the ongoing opioid epidemic, including Congressman Brett Guthrie’s (KY-02) Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Centers Act of 2018 (H.R. 5327).

Guthrie, vice chair of the Health Subcommittee, introduced this legislation with subcommittee ranking member Gene Green (D-TX) to establish treatment facilities that offer a full range of treatment services for those suffering from opioid addiction.

“The opioid addiction treatment system is fractured and complex, and patients with opioid use disorder are not afforded the same comprehensive, coordinated care that patients with other chronic diseases receive,”said Guthrie at the hearing. “We must do all we can to help Kentuckians suffering from opioid addiction and provide tailored services that meet specific patient’s needs.”

Guthrie continued, “The bill creates a new treatment structure that provides coordinated, evidence based, and patient-centered care. This bill will also generate meaningful data that can be used to inform standards and best practices moving forward.”

After today’s hearing, the next step for the Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Centers Act would be a committee vote to approve the bill. Following the committee’s approval, the legislation would advance to the House floor for a vote.

Click here to watch Congressman Guthrie’s opening remarks at the hearing.